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What follows is driving action--long, drawn-out travel sequences as characters ply the roads between the big city and Pickering in monster Cadillacs and big ass pick-ups, despite repeated references to a critical fuel shortage. This was stage director Tim Bond's first screen effort scriptwriter Martin Lager was a playwright--and it shows. The pair treat long commutes like scene changes in a theatrical production.

First up, computer consultant Charles Ennis David Brown and his frail dad drive in from the city, begging for produce. The good-hearted Franklins assemble a produce basket topped off with fresh cackleberries for the starving pair, then boast cheerfully about the bountiful wedding spread they'll be tucking into at daughter Susan's wedding feast the following day.

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Bad move. The city folk are waylaid by militia men who confiscate the food and scare the elder milquetoast to death. After a long drive back to the city, Charles seeks out, by sheer coincidence, none other than profiteer Logan, offering a map to the Franklin wedding in exchange for half a square meal.

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Logan and his crew again haul ass to the Franklin farm to execute a simple food heist, but wind up exchanging gunfire with the armed townsfolk. Casualties include farm wife Leah and, in a comically underplayed death scene, Susan's hapless groom. The death of his wife galvanizes Grant into action. Finding an address on the back of the discarded map, he drives to the big city to nail Charles' citified butt to the wall.

A deadly harvest: the effects of cold on older people in the UK.

The filmmakers take considerable liberty with Toronto geography, making Grant appear lost and confused, rather than purposeful. During an interminable travel sequence, he criss-crosses the city like a dying bluebottle, before running smack through an understaffed blockade at the "Citycore Curfew.

At the office, Grant kicks Charles around the room before hearing how his elderly dad perished at the hands of the Pickering militia. Heck, they've ALL suffered, so Grant calls a truce.

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Charles lets Grant in on a little secret--his computer demonstrates that Canada has but 27 days of food left--then warns him that Logan's headed back to the farm for a third time to seek revenge for the inhospitable treatment he received at the wedding. Realizing now that violence IS the answer, Grant smashes through the same blockade, heads home and begs the militia for help.

His homestead's under attack with only the three Franklin kids to defend it--and Sue's catatonic since losing her husband-to-be in a hail of bullets. The film's climax latches onto obvious cinematic symbolism as the aggie townsfolk round up Logan and his gang with an army of farm equipment, though there is a certain satisfaction in seeing Grant cruelly mauling the bad guys with the times of an excavator--sort of a reverse take on Walker's ABC movie-of-the week Killdozer. Categories : American television films American films American television film stubs.

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