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Publisher: Cambridge University Press , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis About this title Unlike books that focus on the devices used in links, such as lasers and photodiodes, among others, this text focuses on the next level. Book Description : Analog links are used for the distribution of cable TV signals, and in conveying the signals to and from antennas so called antenna remoting. About the Author : Charles H. Buy New Learn more about this copy. Other Popular Editions of the Same Title.

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Majestic Books London, ,, United Kingdom. New Quantity Available: 5. Cox, III. New PaperBack Quantity Available: 8. New Quantity Available: 2. Published by Cambridge University Press In an OIC, signals are carried by light and not by an electric current, and the various elements of the circuit are interconnected in a wafer substrate through optical waveguides. An integrated optical system has several advantages, among them, reduced weight, increased bandwidth, immunity to electromagnetic interference and low losses.

The objective of the discipline "Elements of Integrated and Photonic Optics" and to introduce the different materials used in the manufacture of ICOs, as well as the characterization of their optical, magneto-optic and birefringent properties, the monolithic hybrid technology used in circuit manufacturing, theory of optical waveguides, coupling structures used in integrated optical circuits, and integrated optical transmitter and receiver technologies.

Embedded Electronic Systems. Fiber Optic Sensor Technology. Sensor, fiber and device characteristics, measurement. Kalinowski, I. Abe, J. Ramos, Application of fiber Bragg grating sensors in biomechanics. Canning ed. Trends in Photonics, Transworld Research Network, Instrumentation Applied to Physical and Biological Processes. Wiley, CRC Press, Synergia Publisher, And Silva, W.

UERJ, Introduction to engineering experimentation, New Jersey, Ed. Prentice Hall, Integrated Study Activity. Introduction to Laser Physics. Svelto, Heyden, Dangoisse, D. Hennequin, V. Haken, Vol. Materials for Sensors. Summary : Structure and mechanical, thermal, electrical and magnetic properties of materials. Applications to conductor, semiconductor, diletric, magnetic and superconducting sensors. Study of applications of materials to gas sensors, temperature sensors, biological sensors and others. Introduction to sensors based on nanostructured materials, and their production.

Arregui Editor , Springer Optical Communications Systems. Summary : Optoelectronics and Photonics. Bibliography : Polymeric Fiber Optic Technology.

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Pattern Recognition. Edition, Editora Springer, Polymeric Optical Fibers. Ziemann, J. Krauser, P. Zamzow and W. Qualification Seminar. Summary : At the end of the course the student will present in detail the theme of his thesis, including materials, methods, timetable and expected results. The work will be evaluated by a bank composed of four teachers, one of which must be external to the institution. If the thesis topic is approved, the student can continue his study and defend his thesis within the time frame stipulated in the presented schedule of activities.

The student can take this course at most twice.

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Radiopropagation channel: large and small-scale characterization. Channel sounding and measurement data analysis techniques. Biibliography :. Yin, X.

Roche, A. Glazunov, B. Scientific Writing. Stochastic Processes. Special Topics A.

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Summary : The objective of this course is to carry out case studies and present advanced contents in specific topics for the development of the thesis topic of certain groups of students. This course has a menu and bibliography that vary according to the study to be carried out by the teacher. Special Topics B. Special Topics C. Special Topics D. Statistical Methods. Bibliograpy :. Introductory Statistics with R.