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“Active” Advantages

Actively managed investments charge larger fees to pay for the extensive research and analysis required to beat index returns. But although many managers succeed in this goal each year, few are able to beat the markets consistently, Wharton faculty members say. Many index-style mutual funds and exchange-traded funds charge less than 0.

Active management includes mutual funds and exchange-traded funds, as well as portfolios of stocks, bonds and other holdings managed by financial advisers. Among the benefits they see:. Wharton finance professor Jeremy Siegel is a strong believer in passive investing, but he recognizes that high-net-worth investors do have access to advisers with stronger track records. In that case, a management fee is not as burdensome. How does the investor find a top-quality adviser? As a rule of thumb, says Siegel, a manager must produce 10 years of market-beating performance to make a convincing case for skill over luck.

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American Balanced Funds. From April-October , arbitrage funds have received Rs 28, crore net inflows. Distributors cheer as Aadhaar e-KYC makes a comeback. Aadhaar based e-KYC will help distributors speed up customer onboarding.

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View all reports. Stock Monitor. Portfolio Manager Portfolio Manager. Video Archives. How will it affect debt funds and what should investors do? What are Funds Buying? Significance of behavioral finance in a successful advisory practice Erik Johnson, marketing optimization manager at Morningstar's Behavioral Insights Team, chats with Ravi Samalad about the importance of behavioral coaching for advisors while dealing with clients. What are MFs buying? Which mutual fund scheme fits your portfolio? Fund recategorization, what should investors do?

Dhirendra Kumar of Value Research on investing in Index funds vs Midcap funds

He recommends investors to stay put and act only based on their financial advisers' guidance after evaluating their portfolio. How to choose the right mid-cap fund Picking a mid-cap fund is tough, given the divergent performance across funds and time periods. Director of fund research Kaustubh Belapurkar points to traits that make for a successful mid-cap manager and what investors should keep in mind. How Morningstar arrives at the analyst ratings Director of fund research Kaustubh Belapurkar gives a low-down on the qualitative ratings of Morningstar and how investors can use them when making investment decisions.

Will India outperform other emerging market peers? A unique fund with a contrarian bent The portfolio of Reliance Vision has qualitative bent with a focus on a few meaningful sectors. Senior analyst Kavitha Krishnan looks at this unique portfolio and discusses the strategy in detail. SBI Magnum Midcap Fund bags a Bronze Though fund analyst Kavitha Krishnan is impressed with the investment process and disciplined approach, she would like to see the processes remain stable over a longer period of time.

A debt fund for risk-averse investors The short-term space on the fixed income side is overcrowded. Discussing about the stock trends and says trend will continue in What funds bought and sold in January?